Association of Community Foundation in Bulgaria

Association of Community Foundation in Bulgaria

The Association of Community Foundations in Bulgaria ( ACFB ) was established in April 2005 by six community foundations working in Blagoevgrad, Chepelare, Pazardzhik, Stara Zagora, Gabrovo Municipality. ACFB is a growing structure, permanently open to the accession of new community foundations. It currently consists of 12 community foundations, whose territorial scope is nearly 30% of the country.


The main objective of the Association is to support the development of philanthropy by promoting the model of community foundation and building the capacity of existing community foundations in Bulgaria.

Activities of ACFB 

- Represents community foundations in communication with the government, media, national and international donors.

- Advocates for the development of community foundations and philanthropy in general.

- Develops partnerships between community foundations and corporate donors willing to donate at the regional level.

- Develops the network of community foundations in Bulgaria and provides training and technical support, and informs them of national and international events related to their objectives.

- Identifies and supports new initiatives to create community foundations in Bulgaria and contributes to the dissemination of the model.